Peaches have an amazing history! Dating back to China in the 10th century, being painted by the Romans over 2000 years ago and becoming romanticised as a ‘treat’ fruit under Queen Victoria’s reign. From these global beginnings, peaches are now grown by orchardists throughout our bountiful South West region for all to enjoy. Fortunately, the 2017-2018 summer Stone fruit season has been relatively mild and has produced exceptional tasting local fruit.

Local Perth Hills grower, Brett DelSimone, recently chatted with Darren and Sue on 6PR about the 2017/2018 growing season.

WA Peaches are truly spectacular and getting them as fresh as possible will ensure they greatest aroma and flavour. Peaches, like their counterparts, nectarines, can have either a yellow or white flesh. Often the white flesh varieties are considered ‘super-sweet’ with low acids, while the yellow flesh has a more traditional taste with a more acidic background.

Varieties are always evolving and we are currently seeing more yellow flesh, sweet peaches being grown. Peaches are also considered wither clingstone or freestone, determined by whether the flesh sticks to the stone or not. Freestone peaches, when ripe can be peeled in half to expose the seed like an apricot (using a knife to cut first is often helpful).

A relative new comer to the stone fruit scene, the Doughnut Peach is a ‘flat’ peach and make a great addition to a lunchbox. They often carry a sweet flavour and are smaller than the traditional round peaches. Keep an eye out from them as several local growers produce these as they are a favourite once school starts.

With so many varieties of Peaches out there, we are sure you will find a great tasting, locally grown peach to please even the most discerning palate.