There are uncountable varieties of plums and more are being created (or occurring by natural mutation).  Red, black, yellow, green and almost every colour in between, plums can also be small or as big as a cricket ball. Tasting every plum could be a life-long ambition!

Plums are an ideal snack; convenient size, ready-to-eat; easy to take with you (in lunch boxes or bags, with no refrigeration).

They stay ready-to-eat for days or even weeks.

And they pack in a lot of energy and goodness.

Plums are often included in diets as they are very filling relative to their size and calorie count.

Plums have been prized in Europe for centuries, especially for the many ways they can be preserved from abundant summer to scarce winter, including drying, sugaring – even salting – and cooking into preserves, jams and as whole fruit in syrup.

Many types of plums are in season for just a few weeks in the general plum season, so if you see a new variety in-store, grab it. Why waste an opportunity to enjoy a new taste?