Scientists say the nectarine is so close to the peach that it is not really a separate species, but lovers of nectarines say the taste is deeper, sharper, thicker on the tongue – and utterly, uniquely satisfying.

Nectarines are smooth skinned, rather than furred like a peach, which many people prefer. The skin itself is thin and intensely flavoured.

Nectarines are a reason to look forward to summer!

Correct harvesting of nectarines is critical. The fruit needs to stay on the tree for longer, until the natural sugars in the fruit are peaking. If they are picked too soon they will never ripen properly, typically going quickly from hard to mushy and not ripening evenly.

If you buy locally grown nectarines that have been left longer on the tree and spent less time travelling to market, your nectarines will taste better and be at their eating peak for longer.

Buy a mix of yellow flesh and white flesh nectarines, to keep everyone happy.